Siena Dance Team

Siena Dance Team Auditions
Friday, September 16th - 5PM (MAC Aerobics Room)

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5pm - Aerobics Room (MAC)


Q: Where does the Siena Dance Team perform?

A: At all men and women's home basketball games.

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Practices are Wednesday nights, Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. We work around all class schedules. Game schedules are posted online at

Q: Is the dance team competitive?

A: The dance team is a club, but holds auditions and may travel for dance competitions during the season. We are a co-ed team and welcome everyone to auditions!

Q: Is everyone who was on the dance team last year automatically on again?

A: No - everyone must audition.

Q: What should I wear to auditions?

A: Anything comfortable - however, we do require you wear sneakers or a dance shoe.

Q:  Who should I contact with any questions?

A:  Head Coach - Meegan Mostransky @ - You may also visit our team page at

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Contact Coach Meegan Mostransky at or 518-221-8665 with questions.
Assistant Coach - Jennifer Toohey

Class of 2016