Siena Cheerleaders

Head Coach:Kathleen Hess
Assistant Coach:Elizabeth Schlegel

Who is the Siena Cheer Squad?
The Siena College Cheer Squad is comprised of 15-20 undergraduate students, currently enrolled at Siena, who are freshman through senior class. The Cheer Squad is dedicated to raising Saints Spirit on campus by supporting Siena athletic programs and attending department and community events.

When does the Siena Cheer Squad perform?
Currently, the Cheer Squad can be seen at the men's and women's regular season home basketball games, leading the crowd in cheers during the game and at time-outs, as well as, performing at half-time.

What is the Siena Cheer Squad practice schedule?
Practices are typically 1-2 times during the week, with an additional practice on weekends. The days will vary each semester, depending on the squad's class schedule.

When are tryouts?
Saturday, September 16th, 2017 from 10am - 5pm and Sunday, September 17th, 2017 from 11am - 1pm. Tryouts will start in the M.A.C. Aerobics Room. Please be on time and bring a copy of your class schedule and a writing utensil. Tryout Requirements: *Prior cheerleading experience is required! You will perform jumps, tumbling, stunts, cheer & dance (both cheer and dance will be taught to you) and scored accordingly. Please see below for required and preferred skills.

  • Jumps: Strong jump technique required, good flexibilty and variations preferred.
  • Cheer: Strong motion technique and strong voice projection required.
  • Dance: Strong dance and motion technique required and variety of dance skills preferred.
  • Tumbling: Roundoff Backhandspring/Standing Backhandspring preferred.
  • Stunting: Flyers are required to have the following skills: Single leg position variation including heel stretch, scale and arabesque (great flexibility in these positions is a must), and basket toss experience. The following skills are preferred but not required: The ability to fly on either leg, single leg positions of scorpions and bow & arrows, twisting capabilities, flipping basket toss and two-high stunt experience.
  • Base/Backspots: Experience under single leg stunts, twist downs and basket tosses is required as well as the ability to both know how to main and side base. Experience basing flipping basket tosses and basing/backing two-high stunts is preferred.

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