Siena Basketball Group Tickets

Book your Saints Basketball Group Outing today! Plan on bringing a group to a Saints basketball game and receive discounted ticket prices and exclusive group benefits. Group discounts for 10 or more seats are available. Contact a Saints' Ticket Representative to select your group game date at 487-2202.

Men's Basketball Group Ticket Prices (Games at Times Union Center)
Pricing is for groups of 10 or more
Student/Children : $8
Adult: $10-$18 (price range is based on section)
Women's Basketball Group Ticket Prices (Games at Alumni Recreation Center)
Pricing includes a free gift
Student/Children : $3
Adult: $6
In addition, there is the opportunity for special rewards for group leaders.

Group Experiences Include:
Court of Dreams
This is your chance to play where the stars of the NCAA play! Receive court time at the Times Union Center (TUC) for your youth group, basketball team, employees, or just some old friends. Requirements: purchase a minimum of 60 group tickets per hour.

Halftime Show
Be part of the show! You can perform on court at the TUC or ARC in front of thousands of fans. Five-minute slot is available for select games. Requirements: purchase a minimum of 100 group tickets. All performances must be approved by the Siena Athletic Department.

Kids High Five Tunnel
Give kids in your group a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as they high-five the Siena Saints or visiting team as they introduce starting line-ups prior to the game. Up to 30 kids, per tunnel will have a night they'll never forget! Requirements: purchase a minimum of 30 group tickets per tunnel to participate.

Autograph Session
Great for Groups of all Ages. Your Group will have exclusive access to select Siena student athletes for autographs post-game in a private area. Requirements: Purchase of 50 Tickets.

Color Guard
Great for Scouts and ROTC groups! Help Siena College salute the United States as your group presents the Colors during the National Anthem. Requirements: purchase a minimum of 10 group tickets. All performances must be approved by the Siena Athletic Department.

National Anthem
Perform the National Anthem at the start of a Saints Basketball game. This is a great opportunity for orchestras, choirs, bands or individuals to honor our country in front of our fans. Requirements: purchase a minimum of 50 group tickets. All performances must be approved by the Siena Athletic Department.

Rock The House
Siena has a great Pep Band, But yours is always welcome at Siena Games as well. You will get a slot during half-time to play, as well as during select Time-outs during the game. This is great exposure for your school, and band! Requirements: Purchase 50 group tickets. All Bands must submit music selections for approval by Siena Athletic Department.

Kids Starting Five
Have your name and stats announced just like the players! Saints PA Announcer with the help of the Siena Cheerleaders, Dance Team and Bernie, will introduce five fans, ages 5 to 14, from your group on court prior to the game. Requirements: purchase a minimum of 25 group tickets. Five spots per game.

Birthday Parties
Have your Son or Daughter celebrate their birthday in style at a Siena Saints Basketball Game. All Birthdays are a minimum of 15 people, and include a special gift for the Birthday Girl or Boy, as well as a visit from Bernie. Birthdays include Food and Beverage.

Enjoy the Game, Make Some Cash for Your Organization
Take advantage of this great fundraising opportunity. Purchase a minimum of 30 tickets at the discounted rate of $10 each, You can then sell the tickets at an agreed upon value and keep the additional proceeds, and enjoy the game with your group!

The Following Experiences are available for Women's games as well, with the following minimums:
Court of Dreams-40 Tickets (20 Per Team)
Half-Time Performance-40 Tickets
High Five Tunnel-20 Tickets
National Anthem-20 Tickets
Autograph Session-20 Tickets
Birthday Parties-15 Tickets ($11 per Adult, $8 per Child)
Note: Not all fan experience packages are available for every game, also packages are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Packages cannot be combined, they are one per group. Any questions should be directed to your Siena Basketball Representative.

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