Saints drop 3 at Hartwick

April 15, 2002

In Siena's final attempt to gain a "W" on their record Saturday, the Saints fell to Wagner College 14-2. The Seahawks took a 4-0 in the first quarter, which was soon ended by a goal by the Saints Erin Mead with 6:07 left in the second quarter. Wagner then answered back with an 6-0 run before Siena's Julie Schoenlak added another goal for the Saints. The Seahawks rallied back and scored four more goals to end the game.

Siena 0 0 2 0 2 Wagner 2 1 7 4 14

Scoring: Wagner: Monica Lopez (3 G), Annika Axelsson (3 G), Jamie Fullen (2 G), Lyndsey DeGorio (2 G), Melissa Paschal (1 G), Gina Sulpizio (1 G), Jessica Powers (1 G), Megan Garrett (1 G). Siena: Angela Mead (1 G), Candace Cresci (1 G).