Saints drop 3 at Hartwick

April 15, 2002

April 6- The Saints hoped to grasp their first win at Hartwick this past weekend, but were denied by the Terriers of St. Francis (N.Y.). St. Francis shut out the Saints 16-0 in the first match of the day. Building a 7-0 run in the first quarter, the Terriers were unstoppable. Eight of the 10 St. Francis players scored, led by Jelena Maljkoic who had four goals. The Saints recorded four saves in the defeat.

Siena 0 0 0 0 0 St. Francis 7 5 4 0 16

Scoring: St. Francis: Jelena Maljkovic (4 G), Megan Holan (3 G), Patricia Comer (2 G), Lauree Ricketson (2 G), Gilli Kollan (2 G), Carmit Reuven (2 G), Edna Kelly (1 G).