Siena Water Polo Falls to Queens College

April 15, 2002

Queens College took a demanding 10-1 lead into the second half and never looked back. The Saints were outplayed, but showed signs of life in the fourth quarter rallying to score two goals. The Final score of the game was 19-3 and dropped the Saints to a 0-8 record. Nine players from Queens College helped in the scoring and they were led by Cassidy Mariano who scored six times and Kelly Smith who chipped in with three of her own. Angela Mead led the Saints with two goals both coming in the last quarter. Julie Schoenlak scored the only goal for the Saints in the first half.

Siena 0 1 0 2 3 Queens 6 4 5 4 19

Scoring: Queens College: Kelsey Witterbort(2), Kathy Loughran(1), Solange Reynor(2), Rebecca Gomez(1), Allison Campbell(2), Cassidy Mariano(6), Kelly Smith(3), Amber Gaude(1), Brandie Seligman(1) Siena College: Angela Mead(2), Julie Schoenlak(1)