Siena Volleyball Player Almost Went to Fateful 'Dark Knight' Showing

Kelly Hurlburt

July 25, 2012

With the camera crews thinning and even the President now come and gone, life is creeping back toward normalcy in Aurora, Colo., the hometown of Kelly Hurlburt, a Siena College volleyball player who's spent her summer taking a class, hiking in the Rockies and seeing friends.

She is so grateful for friends.

She has seen friendship save lives.

Around 11 last Thursday night, two close friends stopped by Hurlburt's home. They wore Batman shirts. Let's go to "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere, they suggested. The Century 16 Theater was only five minutes down the road.

But Hurlburt had been to a midnight premiere two weeks earlier, and she felt tired the next day. She told her friends she'd rather stay home.

"You can't go without me," she said to her friends. "We were all going to see it together."

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