Break point with Jessica Macaluso

Oct. 4, 2011

Do you have a nickname?

Which was your most embarrassing moment at Siena College?
My interpretation of the "Prone Cobra" exercise on the first day of weights

Who do you think you relate to best on the team?
Jasleen because we both grew up playing tennis in the Capital Region, have practiced together and I've known her the longest.

What do you think your best Siena tennis moment has been?
I haven't had that many tennis moments yet, but my first conference win against Rider was special. Also, signing my letter of intent was a proud moment.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
A bear because I would get to skip winter and sleep through it. And I would be pretty ferocious.

If you could change one thing on planet earth what would it be?
Winter in New York would last only two days: Christmas Day and New Years Eve. After that, it would be summer all year.

List five things you would need to survive, if left alone on a deserted island?
Cell phone, Internet, an unlimited supply of pizza and chicken wings, my bed, and pepper spray for protection.

Which is your favorite tourist spot?
The Bahamas

What is that one thing, you can't do without?
My cellphone

If you could have dinner with three people (alive or dead) they would be...
My Grandma, Roger Federer, and Bradley Cooper

What song you are most embarrassed to admit you have on my iPod? "What Time Is It" by the cast of High School Musical

Describe the funniest moment you can recall at practice or a match...
Breaking out into song with Carly singing "My Girl" in PERFECT harmony.

Which one is your favorite class at Siena so far?
Does lunch at Saga count since it has definitely been a learning experience?