2006 NCAA Women's Tennis Championships

Blog Entry, May 11, 2006

Hello from South Carolina! It's been a very tiring but exciting day. We started out the day with an early plane ride down to Atlanta, where we had a two hour layover. We arrived in Greenville, South Carolina mid-afternoon but had hotel problems and were unable to check in. We weren't happy. After a five course gourmet meal at McDonalds, we made our way over to the Clemson campus. A couple wrong turns later, our team finally found the tennis courts. Amazed by the campus's beauty and campus pride (one woman was sporting all orange - which is Clemson's main color - along with Clemson sandals, earrings, bracelets, and pins!) we changed and had a physically demanding practice. After an hour and a half of preparation practice our team was ready to eat! Having been invited to a dinner for the four tennis teams competing in the NCAA tournament, we had to rummage through our suitcases to find something to wear for the occasion. Our team loves to eat so this was an event we were definitely looking forward to. The Clemson staff had provided us with a buffet style meal including brownies which were soon enjoyed by all. After dinner, we were all so full that we were unable to get ice cream on our way back, a team first! We had a forty-five minute ride to our new hotel, which went by very quickly due to the country music on the radio and reminiscent tennis stories from previous trips. Exhausted and in desperate need of some relaxation, we now plan on sitting in the hot tub and getting a good night's rest for our match tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed the blog update!!!

--Meghan Slenkamp and Karina Davis--