Break Point with Maria Varano

Maria Varano

Jan. 8, 2013

Here's our conversation with women's tennis freshman Maria Varano, who recently completed her first semester at Siena:

Q: What is your favorite thing about playing tennis at Siena?
A: I love being a part of a team. It is a lot different than competing in USTA. In USTA, you played tennis for yourself and it is pretty lonely. It's nice to be able to finally work together with a team.

Q: Are there any weird traditions that the tennis team has?
A: Dinner at New Hall is NEVER under an hour

Q: What have you had to get used to most since coming to Siena?
A: Managing my time. In high school you are on a strict schedule. This year I had a lot of time to fill, and I had to learn how to organize it properly.

Q: What were the first few weeks at school like?
A: There were a lot of tears, but after my first week of practice and classes I got into a good routine. Now I never want to leave.

Q: What have you learned about yourself since you became a student at Siena College?
A: There is no time for procrastination

Q: What is a typical day like for you at Siena?
A: I have early classes everyday so I never have the opportunity to sleep in. I do homework for an hour in the middle of the day and then I go to practice, eat dinner and then spend the night in the library.

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment from high school to college tennis?
A: I don't know everyone! In High School and USTA I grew up playing against the same girls every weekend. Now I am competing against all new faces.

Q: Please use three words to describe Siena College?
A: Community, Fun, Welcoming

Q: What was your favorite class at Siena so far?
A: First Year Seminar- War. My teacher is the best and I really enjoy my classmates.

Q: How do you kill time while in Loudonville?
A: Saga Sitting

Q: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
A: A cheetah, I could use the speed.



Q: List five things you would need to survive, if left alone on a deserted island?
A: Cell Phone, Netflix, Aroma Joes, My best friend Emily, Magazines

Q: Where is your favorite tourist spot?
A: I live in one of the most popular tourist spots in the U.S. So I have to say my hometown of Kennebunkport, Maine is definitely my favorite.

Q: Which is your favorite spot on campus?
A: Jessica Macaluso's room

Q: Where do you see yourself in another five years?
A: Getting a Master's degree somewhere in New England

Q: Did you always think you would play tennis? What other sports did you play?
A: I have only ever played tennis since I was 4 years old.

Q: What is that one thing, you can't do without?
A: My Family

Q: If you could have dinner with four people (alive or dead), who would they be?
A: Chelsea Handler, President Obama, Larry David, My Sister

Q: If you could change one thing on planet earth what would it be?
A: Everyone would have the opportunity to get an education

Q: What do you miss most about Maine?
A: The ocean. I live half a mile from the beach and once I became landlocked at Siena, I realized I truly take it for granted.

Q: Why are you majoring in business?
A: I originally started out as an English major, but I am switching to management/marketing because I love talking and interacting with people.

Q: Who is your tennis idol?
A: Kim Clijsters

Q: Do you have any role models?
A: My next door neighbors the Belyeas. They are in their 80s and they still rollerblade almost every morning in the summer.