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Siena Completes Florida Trip Undefeated in Women's Tennis
Nikki Mayer
Nikki Mayer

March 6, 2003

The Siena College Women's Tennis Team completed its third annual spring trip to Florida with a perfect 4-0 record by beating Pasco Hernando 7-0. It was the Saints second consecutive shutout.

The Saints were led by Nikki Mayer, Rali Hristova and Eileen Gallocher, all of whom won their matches without losing a game. Other singles winners were Andrea Disponzio and Meghan Slenkamp. There were only five singles matches because Pasco-Hernando's sixth player was sidelined with a dislocated knee.

Siena Coach Jeff Bloomberg made some lineup changes for today's match. Brooke Fisher replaced Denisa Hluchova as Mayer's partner at #1 doubles as Hluchova was nursing a sore right shoulder. The #2 doubles spot was filled by freshmen Jenna-Lyn Zaino and Ybelka Brito who both made their inaugural appearance for the Saints.

Other changes included the first singles appearances of Meghan Slenkamp and Eileen Gallocher at #4 and 5 singles respectively.

"It has been a great preseason trip," Bloomberg, commented after the match. "I was hoping for a couple of wins but I never expected to win them all! The first two years we came to Florida we didn't win a match and this year we won them all."

The women have tomorrow off and return to campus Friday morning.

1.`Nikki Mayer (S) def K. Areco (6-0 and 6-0)
2. Andrea Disponzio (S) def J. Ales (6-1 and 6-1)
3. Rali Hristova (S) def Q. Davidson (6-0 and 6-0)
4. Meghan Slenkamp (S) def R. Hutchens (6-4 and 6-3)
5. Eileen Gallocher (S) def A. Bruno (6-0 and 6-0)
6. Brooke Fisher (S) by default



1. Mayer/Fisher (S) def Ales/Davidson (8-2)
2. Areco/Hutchens (P-H) def Jenna-Lyn Zaino/Ybelka Brito (8-2)
3. Meghan Slenkamp/Eileen Gallocher (S) by default
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