Florida Blog: Day 5

Team training in Florida

Jan. 8, 2013

Hello all, Amanda York here to tell you about our tan-tastic Tuesday. We began the day at seven and discussed our favorite television shows from when we were younger all the way to the pool. It seemed that the most popular ones were Rocket Power, Full House, Laguna Beach, and, of course, The Hills

Once we arrived at the pool, we were all in really great moods because the sun was out and it felt warm. Little did we know we were about to be in for another difficult but quality filled practice. Strokers faced the popular hundreds descending to an all out sprint set, while sprinters went through a series of fast fifties and an immense amount of kicking. Distance did a ladder set, and the divers were faced to cope with a strenuous dry land set that consisted of flipping gigantic tires. 

After, we arrived back at our condos the weather was in the 80s. We all decided to go lay out by the pool and the beach to relax before our next practice at two. 

Our afternoon workout was challenging because everyone's bodies felt overheated. It became intense, however we pulled each other through it! Once practice was over, we were able to go down the water slides by the pool and I personally felt like a 12 year old again. As we were leaving we found out our Digital Yearbook was released. We then proceeded to run to our rooms and watch our embarrassing videos. We ended the day by going down to the beach and watching the sunset. I cannot believe tomorrow is our last day! I am not looking forward to coming home to see snow on the ground!

Yours truly,
Amanda York