Florida Blog: Day 4

Divers enjoying the view

Jan. 7, 2013

All has been well these past few days by the diving boards. Sunburns are abundant and everyone was rested from the day off yesterday.  Breakfast was bright and early this morning as we left for the pool by 7:30. Today, sick/injured Lea Allen joined the divers in their morning dryland practice, which included a beach run, a circuit set on the playground, the climbing up a huge tree, and creeping on a jazzercise class in the park. Although we are sore and tired from these past few days of running, dryland, and diving, we made it through the workout.

We got back to the pool just as the swimmers were finishing their workout, which included a deathly I.M. set for the stroke group, a 1000 for time for the distance group, and a kick and swim series for the sprinters. We met up with Kelly Levine who has been running miles each day due to a shoulder injury. Unfortunately, it was not too sunny after morning practice so instead of going back to the beach some of us went straight up to our rooms for a nap, while some of us made a second trip to Publix because our food storage have been depleted. On that ride, Shannon Love insulted the ginger population of the world, which caused Paul to say that she is going to be doing a distance workout tomorrow.

After a quick nap, we made our way to the other pool.  Luckily for me, this pool is the one with the diving boards. After a quick ab warmup on the pool deck, Hailey Beers and I began our dive workout with Sean [Bradke]. Hailey worked on backs and reverses and I worked on backs and inwards. On the swimmers side of the pool, they did their set together and did a spectacular 5,600 yards.

After our practices had both ended, we worked on our video a little bit more doing both group shots in our team suits and individuals as well. Amanda Podczerwinski, Emily Carideo, Christen Cherry, Erika Seagren, and Kaela Bjornberg and I attempted to do a synchronized swimming part but it didn’t work out. I guess there is a reason why we are swimmers and divers and not synchronized swimmers!



The end of the day consisted of us eating dinners with our roomies, Valerie Zeffiro not knowing how to make spaghetti, and a few of us going to a candy shop at John’s Pass that we were at last night. Some of us were more adventurous than others and got chocolate covered bacon (Dana Tricarico), but the chocolate covered cookie dough was a definite hit. As we emerged from the store, chocolate-laden, we were all exhausted and ready to retire to our respective rooms. It was 6:30.


Hopefully tomorrow brings more fun, some good swims, and good dives!


Swimmingly yours,

Kathleen Ackert