Florida Blog: Day 3

Team eating at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory

Jan. 7, 2013

Just when we thought our bodies were about to physically collapse from soreness and exhaustion, we were granted the glorious opportunity to spend a day in the Florida sunshine and escape practice for a mere 24 hours. As expected, our team slept in to rest our aching muscles and prepare for the exciting adventures planned for the day.

The first stop was a trip to the nearby Waffle House for a hearty breakfast of bacon, biscuits, and, of course, waffles. We then ventured out to the beach to enjoy the beautiful beach that our hotel is conveniently located on. It was perfect: 72 degrees, blue skies, a bright sun, and a gentle breeze. Our afternoon was spent tanning, taking several pictures, and filming for our music video.  As the day wore on, we slowly started to head back towards our hotel, some of us making pit stops at the pool and hot tub.

Once back in our hotel rooms, we all spent a few minutes staring into the mirror admiring our new tans. Some of us were more lobster-esque than others, and Kelly Levine was voted “Crispiest Critter” for her fried skin. After we dressed in clothing other than our bathing suits and athletic apparel, we drove to a different beach on Treasure Island to do some shopping and eat dinner. The local shops offered a variety of souvenirs, which several of purchased for our friends and families back home.

After exploring the shops and admiring the view from the boardwalk, we dined at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, which is a seafood restaurant centered on the classic movie “Forrest Gump”.  The food was delicious and our favorite waiter even played a round of trivia with us, sending some of the team home with prizes! After dinner, a few of us made quick stop at an ice cream shop called Kilwin’s for dessert.  The outing was a great way to end a wonderful day bonding with our team, while enjoying a small break from training



The short ride back to the hotel was typical for our team: there was a lot of singing and yelling across the car to continue our conversations. Some of the team is currently in the hot tub, while others are lounging in their suites and watching television. Having the day off of practice definitely helped us relax and stretch out our sore muscles, as well as enjoy the little island we’ve been staying on.  Though most of us are slightly intimidated by the practice we’ll be enduring in a few short hours, everyone is rested and ready to “get up and go!”

Starships were meant to fly,