Getting Started

Team getting ready for first training event

Jan. 4, 2013

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I'll never complain about training trip's timing. Right when I think I'll die if I spend another holiday with my family, and right when I need a dose of palm trees and saltwater to break the late-December monotony, there it is; Siena swim/dive's annual escape to the sunshine state.

We all arrived yesterday at different times, and were welcomed by Florida's oppressive humidity. We spent a little time at Tampa-native Emily's house while we waited for everyone's flights to get in. Mrs. Carideo had so thoughtfully picked us up a huge platter of Chic-Fil-A nuggets (A staple of Southern cuisine, and a welcomed sight for me).

Our hotel was a bit of a drive from Tampa, but it was worth it when we got into our Suites. The rooms are so big and right on the beach. I'm in love with the balcony, and everyone has already made multiple trips to the hotel's hot tub.

After a circus-esque team grocery shopping trip to Publix (Which I guess would be like Florida's version of Price-Chopper), we all went right to bed in anticipation of today's ruthless practice schedule.

First practice started at 8:00 today. A little early for my taste, but we've all done worse. We were all a little disappointed it was raining and overcast all day, but our practice facility is very nice, and I still can't get over then fact that we're swimming outside in the middle of winter. Florida is awesome.

We split into our usual specialty groups. I was in a lane with Megan and Emily; the usual suspects for the distance group, but I think practice went by pretty quickly.

One of the things that has amused me the most so far is the fact that PK is driving us around in a huge 15-passenger van that would definitely appear sketchy to the average observer. We like to chant his name every time he gets in the van. Evidently, little things amuse us.

After a very quick turnaround, we were back in the pool for practice number 2. We all did the same workout this time, and it was the farthest thing from easy. Most of us paid a much-needed visit to the hot tub afterward, which was a very nice bonding experience until a large, hairy gentleman joined us. After that it wasn't the same, and most of us scattered to our rooms.

Tomorrow practice doesn't start until 10:00, and most of my roomies are winding down to some Big Bang Theory. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow so I can get a decent tan.