Women's Basketball Coaches Accept #Chillin4Charity Challenge

Seniors Kelsey Booth, Tehresa Coles and Ida Krogh do the honors for head coach Ali Jaques

June 23, 2014

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Siena Women's Basketball Head Coach Ali Jaques and assistants Stephanie McCormick and Bridgette Mitchell were doused with buckets of water from the players Monday, thus accepting their #Chillin4Charity Cold Water Challenges.

The challenge, which was started by Arizona Women's Basketball Head Coach Niya Butts, has gone viral. Coaches around the country have challenged each other in the entertaining fundraiser for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Once challenged, coaches have 48 hours from the release to answer the challenge and be doused with ice-cold water. Any head coach that doesn't answer the challenge owes the Kay Yow Foundation $250 and assistant coaches owe $100. Each head coach that answers the challenge donates $50 and each assistant coach owes $25. Once completing the challenge, coaches can then go ahead and challenge four other coaches.

Jaques was challenged by Manhattan Head Coach John Olenowski, McCormick by UCF Associate Head Coach Ken Griffin and Mitchell by Ohio State Assistant Coach Joy Cheek.

Once completing the challenge, Jaques has now challenged new Stony Brook Head Coach Caroline McCombs, Howard Head Coach Tennille Adams, Seton Hall Head Coach Anthony Bozzella and William & Mary Head Coach Ed Swanson. McCormick is challenging Missouri State Head Coach Kellie Harper, Belmont Assistant Coach L'Tona Lamonte, Appalachian State Assistant Coach Jessica Jackson and USC Upstate Assistant Coach Jason Rasnake. Mitchell has challenged Duke Assistant Coach Al Brown, Concordia Head Coach Trisha Stafford-Odom, Campbell Special Assistant Brittany Cox and Cheyney Head Coach Kyle Adams.