Our Interview With Head Coach Ali Jaques: Part 2

Ali Jaques

June 7, 2012

By: 4GuysInBlazers

In her new role as Siena women's head coach Ali Jaques was faced with the immediate task of forming a staff which would help her to lead the Saints into the future. It's been a year with a great deal of turnover in women's college basketball as over 70 jobs have opened up and although a certain urgency to gather the pieces of the puzzle existed, Coach Jaques explained that a lot of time and thought went into forming the new coaching staff.

"Number one I wanted people that I trusted. This is my first head coaching job and it's really important that I work with people I trust".

First in line was the naming of her top assistant coach and recruiting coordinator, Margaret Carey. Although she most recently worked in the same role at UNH, Carey also came with head coaching experience from Catholic University from 2005-2008.

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