Gina Castelli Statement

Gina Castelli

March 8, 2012

I would like to thank everyone in the Siena community for their unwavering support to me and our program. I have loved working at Siena and forming wonderful relationships with so many quality people.

I also want to specifically thank Fr. Kevin Mullen, Dr. Maryellen Gillroy, Joyce Eggleston and John D'Argenio for their belief in me through the years. The Siena administration has been very good to me. I am very grateful to work at a college like Siena whose mission mirrored my own in giving back to the community.

I would like to express gratitude and love to my staff both present and past; in particular I want to express my deep gratitude to Andrea Woodbury, associate head coach. Andrea has been with me my entire head coaching career. Her loyalty and work ethic is priceless!

Most of all, I want to thank every player that I have coached. I will miss working and being with our players. The Siena player is very unique, and resiliency is the one common trait I have found in each player.

Coaching is, and always will be, my passion. Although I am very sad to leave Siena, I am looking forward to new opportunities in the coaching profession, where I can continue to grow and become the best I can be.

I leave Siena knowing the future is very bright for the women's program. With Lily Grenci leading the way, and most of the players returning, along with a very talented incoming freshman Symone Kelly, the team is positioned to win many games and conference championships.

After 22 years I feel that I have given the program my full all. I am extremely proud of all the effort and hard work put into the women's basketball program to raise it to higher levels in every area of our program. Aside from our teams' success, our players' success both on and off the court; introducing the Lil' Saints Club; expanding our camps to include special needs children and our Team Camp became one of the biggest in the Northeast, I am very proud of our overall dedication to community service, particularly our unique relationship with CRAAB (Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer). The money raised and the lives that we touched means so much to me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this wonderful experience, and to have the women's program become a meaningful part of the community.



I will always have a great affection for the Siena College community, and will look back on the time I spent here with great fondness.