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O.D. Anosike

Dec. 3, 2012

Ngozi Anosike, a Nigerian immigrant, raised eight children as a single mother. She's a registered nurse who worked during the day at a nursing home.

Then, after coming home, she fixed dinner and helped her children with their homework before getting a few hours' sleep and heading to the overnight shift at a psychiatric facility, all to provide for her family in their four-bedroom apartment in a Staten Island housing project.

The second-youngest of her children, a son named Oderah, is still influenced years later by her tenacity and self-sacrifice.

"Just how much she worked when she got here," he said. "The circumstances weren't great, but she always persevered through it and was able to give a better life for me and my brothers and sisters."

Inspired by his mother and taught to play basketball by an older sister, Anosike pursued that brighter future to Siena College.

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