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Buenas Dias from Cancun, a.k.a. Paradise. Today was our first day off from basketball, and it feels great to look outside the window and see nothing but a clear sunny sky, palm trees, and aqua-green water. On top of that, the entire team is feeling great since we played so well throughout our trip. I'm sure some of my teammates have mentioned how it can be difficult to keep a focus on basketball when you have all the distractions of Cancun. Well, I think we deserve to get a little distracted now, after running up the score on the past three teams we played.

The schedule for the morning was almost the same as its been the past week, except we got to sleep in a little later and rest up from last night's fun. As soon as breakfast was over, I decided to make my way out into the sun. We played a couple games of volleyball, and then made our way out to the ocean, where the water was just as warm. While swimming, I saw a large school of small fish, leap out of the water followed by three or four larger fish. This was really cool to see, just another example of something we don't see everyday in Albany.

Another interesting sight to see was my roommate, Brent (Sniezyk), trying to ride the waves on his rented boogie board. I've never seen such a sorry attempt, or someone swallow so much salt water in my life. Once Brent and the rest of us decided to get out of the water, we went to the restaurant above the pool. I had my nachos with everything on it for the third time this trip. The rest of my day was pretty relaxing, mostly just floating around in the ocean or lying out in the sun.

The trip has been a great experience for me in several ways. The most important was the fact I was able to get into the games and play some substantial minutes, and help contribute to the team's success in Mexico. In our first game I was put in with about two minutes remaining in a very close game. I tried to just do the things that we worked on in practice and was able to score a quick two baskets to help finish the game. This really helped my confidence going into the games that would follow, and allowed me to play much more aggressively.

It's also nice to know that Coach Lanier is gaining some more confidence in my game. There's not a better feeling in basketball then when you have your teammates all fired up for you, after you block someone's shot, have a put back dunk, or just play well all around. I think that it was great for us to play in the type of games we did down here. We had the games that tested our toughness in close games in Mexico City, and in Cancun, when we were beating teams by a good amount, we continued to stay focused and play hard regardless of the score. This was something we have had problems doing in the years past, and Coach Lanier was quick to remind us about that.

Outside of the things we have done down here in Mexico for basketball, it has been a great time experiencing all the sights as well as the culture. The Mexican people I have met have all been very nice, and curious about how our team has done and how we are enjoying ourselves. It has also been funny to see the looks on the peoples faces when they see a bunch of tall basketball players walking through the mall or down the street. While in Mexico City, in the mall, it felt as if we were their entertainment for the evening.

Well I'm going to get going now, the ocean is calling. I hope all is well up in good ol' Loudonville. I just want to say hello to my family and friends. If Brent's able to survive another day of intense boogie boarding, he'll be writing to you tomorrow. Have a great day!

Gary Holle #44