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Well, now it's time for El Journal de Mike Haddix. This is a special journal. First, because it's mine and also because today is my birthday. My nineteenth birthday.

The day started with an early breakfast and then a quick nap. After the nap, Dave (Ryan) and I went for our usual pregame pool swim. Today was a serious volleyball game. Usually we play for fun, but Coach Berkman played and the game got real serious. After playing for a while, a few people laid out in the sun while Antoine (Jordan) and I went to McDonalds for a pregame meal. I had a Big Mac double. Yes, a double Big Mac. McDonalds and Burger King have been our usual pregame meal spots because consistency and cheapness are our two main influences in food down here. After the meal, we had our usual pregame nap and got ready for the game.

The game was on the Isla Mujeures, which is also known as the island of women. The name sounded good, but there weren't as many women as I expected. To get to the game, we rode on two small boats--I mean small. I'm not afraid of much, but that was a rough boat ride, not to mention having Coach Seymour explain to me about the sharks in the water, or lie to me might be a better word. Finally, after the boat ride was over, we had about a ten minute walk to the game. Oh yeah, you may not know this, Mexico has a lot of scary dogs, and I don't really like dogs, so that walk was another adventure. Walking the streets was fun as well, we got to see a lot of culture. The stores and food shops are very different and interesting and I really enjoyed it. When we arrived at the game, we had to first watch two teams play before us, which caused about an hour delay in our tipoff. Some of the guys walked down to the beach, but Tommy (Mitchell) and I chilled and got ready for the game.

The game went great. We played well, and all of our big guys ran the floor. We are getting a lot better as a team. On any given night a number of players can go out and get 20. We defended very well and won easily. If we play like this, and we keep getting better this could be a great year. These games are a sign of things to come. I did not play as much as usual tonight because of foul trouble. The officiating around here is, let's just say not as good as in the States. But it didn't bother me, because it was good to see our team getting better. After the game, we had to wait almost an hour for the boat (which was bigger, thank God), and we did not get back to the hotel until about midnight.

When we got back, Antione, Dave, and I went to McDonlalds and came back and chilled before going to bed shortly after our 1:30 curfew. I could have went out for a bit on my birthday, but we have a big game tomorrow and my celebrating will be even better if we go 5-and-0 on this trip.

Thanks for checking in,