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Hey this is Tommy, and finally my day has come to let you know how I am doing over here in Mexico. Today was a good day for me--we finally got out of Mexico City. As you can probably tell, I am not a huge fan of Mexico City; everything from the dirty players on the teams we played to their poverty-stricken city.

One thing I did take from Mexico City is how extremely blessed I am to live in America. My experiences there helped open my eyes, and allowed me to see that when I think I'm having a bad day, it might not even compare to the day someone else might be having. This made me remain humble and give thanks to God for the situation that He has put me in.

But back to the present, today we arrived in sunny Cancun! I never really dreamed about Cancun, but if I would have, it probably would be something like this. I've not even been here one day, and already I am thinking about when I can come back. It's also nice to hear some people other than ourselves speak English. I mean, I can speak enough Spanish to get by, but it started to become frustrating since it is the dominant language.

After we checked into the hotel, a group of us started our adventure by walking up and down the street our hotel is on. Oh, by the way, our hotel is amazing and in a perfect spot. Sorry if I keep side tracking, I am just a little bit overwhelmed with Cancun. While we were walking around, we walked past a group of stands where people were selling souvenirs. If there is anything I am not too crazy about in Cancun, it is the fact that the people who operate these stands are like sharks. They just wait for you to turn their way, and then jump on you to get you in their little stores.

Another thing that I think is kind of weird is that when you tell the sales people you don't want anything, they try to offer you their sisters--that's crazy! Speaking of sisters, most people who know anything about me know that I am a huge family man, and love my family very much. It is driving me crazy that I haven't spoken to them in a while, because I cant afford the calling card or the three dollar fee charged every time you call out. I mean, what if I get a busy signal or they are not at home, not only do I lose the minutes, but I have to go pay another three dollars to the front desk. So Mommy, Daddy, Tarri and Tammi if you get to read this, you know I haven't forgotten about you, and I love you.

Okay enough of my personal business, back to the trip. We also went to the beach today, and because of how hard I have worked all summer on my body, I felt that it would only be right to share it with the rest of the world. So therefore, I walked up and down the beach with only my red swimming trunks. If you could have been here, you would have seen it was quite a show I put on! This was my present to Cancun for having me, I even attempted to go all the way into the water until something moved underneath my foot when I was walking--that ended my journey, but I will return. It is going to take a little more than a creepy feeling underneath my feet to keep me from swimming in the ocean.

There is lots to do in Cancun, and this is good for me because I have always been a focused individual and to remain focused here will show how mentally strong I am. I can't wait to start games down here. We went 2-0 in Mexico City, and now it is time to show the people in Cancun that Siena knows how to play basketball.

I am even more excited because although we won in Mexico City, we didn't play our best basketball and now we have another three chances to get it right. We have a very talented team this year, and if we play to our potential, this season will be a lot of fun. This whole trip has been quite an experience, and we are being treated great! The 3-to-5 meals a day are keeping everyone strong, and it shows when we play, because everyone plays hard. Everything we do now is a learning experience for us, and hopefully we become closer and closer to figuring it out in the few games we have remaining. If we do, we will be so far ahead when the season starts, which can lead to nothing but good things. I hope you enjoyed my little journal, just know that I am losing rest to keep our loyal fans up to beat with our trip!


Tommy Mitchell