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Greetings from Mexico City! We had ourselves a pretty full day today. It started off with a wakeup call at 9 a.m. and breakfast at 9:30 here in the hotel. Breakfast was fantastic as it was an all-you-can-eat buffet with a vast amount of food. This type of breakfast is ideal for the players on the team, because we are all pretty big guys with large appetites.

After breakfast, we took about a 45-minute bus trip to a market where several players bought some souvenirs to bring back home. The prices were relatively cheap, and it was interesting bargaining with the clerks, as most of them did not speak English.

Following our hour of shopping it was time to get serious and focus on our main reason for being here--playing basketball. We had a shoot-around at 2 o'clock for an hour or so to prepare for the game. After practice it was back to the hotel for a pre-game meal. Like breakfast, this meal was also all-you-can-eat, and once again the food was fantastic.

We departed the hotel at about 7:15 for the gym, it only took about five minutes to get to the gym. Personally, I was pretty excited to be playing again after red-shirting last year. If a student-athlete decides to red-shirt it gives them the opportunity to play for a fifth year. As a result of last year being my red-shirt year, I took part in all activities with the team with the exception of playing in games. This included practicing day in and day out with all of the other players, as well as traveling for away games and attending all home games. The extra year allowed me to mature physically and become acclimated to the system. So basically after a year of not playing in an official game, I was ready to go.

We played against a local club team called Poly Rob. They were a very physical team that played extremely hard. There was a bizarre incident in the game, as a player was thrown out as a result of throwing the ball at the referee. I guess he wasn't very happy with the call. We played pretty well in the first half, however, we relied a little bit too much on our outside shooting. So in the second half our plan was to get the ball into the post where we could get some baskets and get to the free throw line. Our plan of attack worked as our post players played very well.

As I said, it was a very physical game and the referees called the game pretty tight as myself and four other players fouled out. It was a tough, hard fought game and we managed to leave with a 105-95 victory. However, there are some things we need to work on, most notably our defense. But we will get a chance to improve that as we have another game Tuesday night.

We have another full day planned for Tuesday, as we will be touring some local ruins during the day and playing another game at night. However, another player on the team will fill you in on the activities of tomorrow. Well it is pretty late and I need to get some rest for tomorrow. So long from Mexico City and buenas noches!

David Ryan