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Hola and welcome to Mexico City. I'm excited to write to all of you and let you know about the first day of our Mexican Adventure. I wish I had a more exciting day to recap, but since we mostly traveled all day, there isn't that much to report.

We left Siena at 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning and I didn't go to sleep at all the night before we left. A bunch of us went to watch the movie Freddy vs. Jason, which didn't let out until 2:30 a.m. and by that time, there was no point going to bed.

We stayed up until 4 a.m. when we met the rest of the travel party and boarded the bus for JFK. We arrived at JFK around 7:30 and had to wait in long lines before we finally boarded around 9:30. We were in the air an hour later. The flight to Mexico City took about four hours placing us on the ground a little after 2 p.m. (we crossed one time zone and had to set the clocks back an hour). Once in Mexico City, we had to clear customs, which was a bit difficult since all the paper work they gave us was in Spanish. After this hectic experience, we picked up our luggage and met up with our hosts who took us to the bus, and ultimately the hotel.

The bus trip from the airport to the hotel took a little over ? hour and we got to see a good amount of the city. From what we were told, Mexico City is the largest and most densely populated city in the world and I can believe it after that short trip. Everything seemed over crowded, as people were packed into any space of grass playing soccer or other games. I felt fortunate because there were so many people packed into such small houses and cars (we saw a Volkswagen Bug with eight people in it). One of the strangest things we saw on the bus trip was a guy breathing fire as a source of entertainment for money.

We than arrived at the hotel and after checking into our room, all 10 of the players went across the street to this nice mall. Everyone was staring at us, because we were so tall and stuck out. We tried speaking to a lot of people, and everyone was very friendly, but most couldn't understand us and I certainly can't understand Spanish. Fortunately, John Phelps, our manager, was there and he spoke Spanish fairly well-otherwise we wouldn't have even been able to eat. Speaking of which, we had a nice dinner at the mall at a place called Liverpool. I ordered a T-Bone Steak well done...I'm not sure they understood me, because it wasn't quite well done, but we all had a good time.

After dinner we perused the mall some more and started to feel more comfortable-everyone was waving at us like we were celebrities. We ended the long, long day in Juice's room going over some "Siena" tales from last season.

I'm really excited to be here and hope all of you enjoy keeping up on our progress!

Talk to you soon,