"Offseason" Report: Ben Davis

Ben Davis (left)

June 25, 2012

For the Siena men's basketball staff there truly is no real offseason, because as one season ends a new one begins. We had the opportunity to sit down with the three assistant coaches to talk with each of them about their roles and to learn more about what takes place behind the scenes in preparation for the upcoming season.

Ben Davis is coming off his first season as an assistant coach at Siena. Sure, it was a season with its ups and downs, but the lessons learned are many and Ben has wasted no time in turning lessons learned into action. Following the semifinal loss to Manhattan in the MAAC tournament the players were able to take advantage of a brief spring break as a time to take a breather, but for Ben and the rest of the coaching staff there really was no break.

"Once the season ends you're so close to it and what's happening you want to analyze what has happened, think about it, talk as a staff, and when it's fresh think of ways to improve. Right then and there is a time to critically analyze".

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