What They're Saying About Jimmy Patsos

Jimmy Patsos

April 3, 2013

"You are getting a coach who really cares about the players involved in the program and the community in general. He is someone who worked as hard as anyone I've seen in turning the program around at Loyola. Jimmy knows how to get things up and running in a very positive way and does it the right way."
Gary Williams, Former Head Coach, University of Maryland

"Success always follows Jimmy Patsos. What a great hire for Siena. I've had to coach against him, recruit against him and I have the utmost respect for him as a tactician and recruiter. His integrity is impeccable and he's going to do a great job at Siena."
John Calipari, Head Coach, University of Kentucky

"Siena made a tremendous pick anointing Coach Patsos as head coach. He's passionate, intense and knows the game as well as anyone. If anyone is going to take Siena to the next level, it's Jimmy."
Brian Cashman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, New York Yankees

"I'm a huge Jimmy P fan and thrilled that he is going to Siena. He is a friend first of all, and he is a passionate person. Basketball is just one of his passions. He invests all of himself in it. We were lucky to have him for a time at Maryland. I was thrilled when he got his opportunity at Loyola. He turned them from a one-win team to an NCAA Tournament team. And now Siena is fortunate to have him. Pay attention when he speaks, he always has something to say. It's a different message from other coaches, but you always learn something when he talks. For Siena to get him and Jimmy to get Siena is a perfect fit."
Scott Van Pelt, ESPN Personality

"I think it's a great hire for Siena. Jimmy is just an excellent coach and an excellent communicator. Having been around him, he has a passion for the game and a passion for his players to get the best out of them that is unparalleled by most people. He has a great sense of humor, is a tireless recruiter and someone who will bring a lot of passion, energy and success to the program."
Randy Edsall, Head Football Coach, University of Maryland

"If anyone is going to take Siena to the next level, it's Jimmy."
Brian Cashman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, New York Yankees

"I think it's a great hire. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, `Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.' I've been in athletics for over 50 years and nobody has more enthusiasm then Jimmy. He has a presence about him. His players will become better players, but also become better people. He will show them more than just basketball,l and at the end of the day everyone is going to have fun - from the players to the fans to the students to the faculty to the maintenance guy. He's just a unique person, I've never met anyone quite like him."
Joe Boylan, Athletic Director, Loyola University (Md.) (1991-2010)


"I'm really happy for Jimmy. I know how much he loves the MAAC and how much the MAAC loves him. I think he'll be great for Siena, he's a real people person. I saw how he brought Reitz Arena alive and I know he'll do the same on a bigger stage at the Times Union Center. He was great to play for. He yells, but only because he wants the best out of you and as soon as you get off the court he's more than just a coach, he's a friend and someone you can always talk to."
Erik Etherly, Loyola University (Md.) Men's Basketball Forward

"You have a proven winner who knows the game of basketball. He's an educator, and just doesn't teach his players basketball, but how to be well-rounded men. He's a game-changer - not just on the scoreboard, but with his whole sense of community and the school."
Martin T. Corboy, Partner, McFadden's Restaurants and Saloons

"I think you're getting a great coach, a very passionate guy and someone with a great track record with what he did at Loyola. What I find most telling about Jimmy is how passionate he is. He obviously cares about winning, but what's more important to him is educating his players as men and as human beings. He's a lover of life and a well-rounded human being. I think Siena got a great coach and an amazing guy and it's exciting for your College."
Josh Charles, Actor

"I've known Jimmy and been a friend of his for a long time and really respected his abilities. He is a great choice as head coach Siena. He will represent Siena extremely well and the fans will fall in love with him for a number of different reasons. He'll have a tremendous impact on the program."
Mike Gminski, Former NBA Player and Television Personality

"I think it was a home run hire for Siena. I think he's very underrated as a game coach. He is a terrific coach and an even better person. He is highly animated on the sideline, but that really doesn't define what he's all about. Jimmy is all about loyalty and his players will learn that quickly, play hard for him and enjoy the experience."
Mike Lonergan, Head Coach, George Washington University