Influx of Youth Provides Bright Future For MAAC Basketball

Feb. 19, 2018

The following article appeared on on February, 11, 2018

By: Sean Brennan

Jimmy Patsos had just gotten off the train outside Schenectady, the end of a six-hour odyssey of a return trip to Albany from Buffalo. It wasn’t bad enough that Patsos’ Siena Saints were beaten by Canisius on their trip up to Western New York, but then plane problems led to a train ride and all the delays that went along with it.

But if there was a topic that got Patsos back to his usual vibrant self and helped ease his frayed nerves, it was talking about his team’s future, a group of talented freshmen that includes Roman Penn, Jordan Horn, Prince Oduro, and Christian Bentley.

“These guys, they are all fantastic people,” Patsos said. “We lost four 1,000-point scorers (from last year’s team) and replaced them with these freshmen. But the attitude around the team, even off the court, is good because these guys are good people who do well in school. They love Siena. They really appreciate the locker room, the school, the tradition, even the neighborhood.”