A Day in the Life- Samantha D'Amato

D'Amato looks to continue her successful running career for the Saints!

March 22, 2012

Sophomore runner Samantha D'Amato has been a strong force on the Siena Cross Country program the past two years. With an extremely family oriented attitude, D’Amato is constantly being supported and inspired to be her best. From her first race freshman year, she created an instant impact, proving to be a successful and driven runner. This past season in the NCAA Northeast Regional race, D'Amato set the bar high leading the pack with a 6K time of 24:43.0. She also proved herself in the MAAC Championships, leading the team and finishing 36th overall.

In the classroom, D'Amato has also thrived, posting a 3.5 GPA as an Undecided Arts major. This past season, she was a member of the MAAC All-Academic team, an honor rewarding her hard work and dedication on and off the course.

Cross Country Head Coach Alison Wade discusses D'Amato's impact on the program and the great things ahead of D'Amato in the next two years: "Sam is one of the most talented female runners Siena has ever had, and she’s been our top runner in the majority of the races she’s run in the past two seasons. For her, one of the biggest challenges has been staying healthy and putting in the uninterrupted training, which is one of the crucial ingredients to improving one’s running. We’re hopeful that she’ll be able to build on what she’s accomplished the past two seasons in her remaining two years at Siena."

After a successful overall season for the Saints, D'Amato looks forward to the two years ahead of her. Let's learn more about the sophomore runner:

What do you do before a race? Do you have any superstitions?

Before a race I always listen to my Ipod until I am on the line. I don’t necessarily have any superstitions but I usually picture my sisters running with me during the race. They both run in High School and the thought usually gives me an extra push.



Do you eat anything specific before or after a meet?

I try to eat a large meal of pasta and a lot of bread with Gatorade. Then if I’m lucky and it is available, chocolate cake.

What is your favorite course to run and why?

I grew up on Long Island and Sunken Meadow was basically my backyard so I love it there.

What got you into running? Who is your biggest inspiration?

Cheerleading didn’t work out so I started running honestly. Then I discovered how much I enjoyed it and continued on from 7th grade. My biggest inspiration is my parents. No matter where I race, they are always there cheering for me and somehow out of all the people I can always hear them.

How would you describe your spring “track” season?

It is a little slow right now because I am still healing from a minor fracture in my foot. I have been doing a lot of cross training but I’ve just recently started running again so things can only go up from here.

Do you train differently for the fall Cross Country season? How so?

Cross Country involves a lot more long distance training. I find myself doing more intervals and speed work in the spring.