A Day in the Life- Brendan Gregg

Gregg made an impact in his Sophomore season!

March 1, 2012

Sophomore Brendan Gregg has created quite an impact on the Siena Cross Country program during the past two seasons. This fall, Brendan had a break-out season and led the Saints Cross Country team to one of the best seasons in program history. Gregg placed 25th at this year’s MAAC Championships with a time of 26:28.4, shattering his own personal best 8K time, while also running the fastest time in the past decade of any Siena men’s competitor over the Van Cortlandt Park course.

Brendan has not only been a smashing success on the cross-country trails while at Siena, he also has met with success in the classroom. Carrying a 3.3 cumulative GPA as a Biology major, Brendan was named the Leo Dufort Student-Athlete of the month in November and was on the MAAC All-Academic Team this past season.

Brendan Gregg will be one to watch as he continues his break-out career next season! Let’s learn more about Brendan:

What made you choose Siena College?

When I visited Siena I felt welcome and I felt the school itself was rooted in a good tradition. It was clear to me that people here cared about learning and growing. I was most struck on how much the guys on the team cared about academics. On the whole, I felt as though I could do well here. Two years later, my feelings haven’t changed.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

To be honest I do not have any idea of where I will be. I would, obviously like to have graduated from Siena, and possibly be pursuing medicine of physical therapy. I’d like to spend some significant time abroad.

What is a Cross Country meet like?

A typical Cross Country meet has anywhere from 5-30 schools competing at it. It’s usually held at a park, golf course, or somewhere that has a big open field where you can watch people tear around madly chasing after one another. It is held in any weather except for thunderstorms, so it can get pretty wild out there, but that’s really the fun of it!



Do you have any specific things you must do before a meet?

I started my idea of it being unlucky to wear socks in a race when I began my running career in high school. My first Cross Country race was on a hot day and I wore flip flops to the meet and I forgot to bring socks. I was going crazy, and I decided that I would just have to go sockless in my spikes. I did, ran faster than my goal time, and was hooked on going sockless when spiking up.

What songs get you pumped up?

My favorite songs to get me pumped up are “Johnny Jump Up” by Gaelic Storm or “Funky Ceili” by Black 47.

What do you eat while preparing for a race?

We make sure we're properly fueling our training while at the same time avoiding junk foods and unhealthy snacks that aren't really providing much in the way of quality.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

My favorite thing to do is probably hang out with my friends, relax and play some COD B.O. Zombies for Xbox. That game is really addicting. Just a side note here, Devin Bennett and I hold the team record for zombies, level 35!

Many people are unaware that your spring season is more track related rather than cross country. How do you like the track spring season?

Ever since I started running I enjoyed racing on the track. I enjoy mixing it up and running a wide range of races. My favorite events are the mile or 5k on the track, which are both less distance than what we run in Cross. I love Cross Country, but there is just something about the energy of tearing around a 200 or 400 meter oval in a tight race with the crowd very near to you that is uniquely special.