A Day in the Life - Chelsea Needham

Needham's enjoyed a breakout freshman season!

Feb. 23, 2012

Siena Freshman Chelsea Needham has already made an impact on the Cross-Country program. Named the program’s number two runner this past year, Needham has set the bar high for new runners entering the program. At Needham’s final race of the season, the ECAC/IC4A Championships, she finished with a strong time of 20:19 in the 5K race. After this outstanding performance, head coach Alison Wade stated, “We know that this is just the tip of the iceberg for her and that she has all of the qualities necessary to have a huge impact on our program over the next three years.”

Chelsea's disciplined approach to running has also carried over to her academic pursuits. As a Biology major in the advanced Biology program at Siena, Chelsea has shown that her adjustment to college life has been a smooth one. With a rigorous academic load and time spent at practices and meets, she has learned to manage her time effectively and to succeed both athletically and academically. A day in the life of Chelsea Needham is one filled with school work, running and time with friends. Let’s learn more:

What made you choose Siena College?

I loved that it was a small Catholic school with a strong Biology program and a caring community. It has everything I was looking for! What does a typical morning look like for you? I like to get an early start to the morning. This semester we have 7:30 am practices three days a week so I am used to getting up! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so when I have time to sit down and eat breakfast in Saga I try to take advantage of the amazing omelets or chocolate chip pancakes! I usually listen to Taylor Swift in the morning!

What drew you to become a Biology major at Siena?

Since taking AP Biology in high school, I have always been interested in being a Biology major. Being a runner has also sparked my interest because I am fascinated by the capabilities of the human body. I am extremely interested in going into a career in Sports Medicine because of my passion for running- I want to channel my love for the sport and put it to good use in the medical field.



What is your favorite class at Siena so far?

My favorite class at Siena so far was Advanced General Biology with Dr. Zanetti. I learned a lot and had fun too! You say BioFreeze is a necessity before any race.

Do you have any other specific things you must do before or after a meet?

I have a journal that I write a lot of inspirational quotes in, especially running-related ones, so I usually will put one out and remind myself of it before and during the race. I think it helps me to stay positive while I am racing. After a meet I like to save my bib number and write the date, the time I ran, what place I finished, and how we did as a team on the back. Then I tape them to the wall in my dorm room!

What is one of your favorite quotes?

One of my favorites is “Your mind can make you train, your body can create power, but only your heart can make you a champion” spoken by Coach Joe Newton in the cross country movie The Long Green Line.

What is your favorite meal for dinner?

Buffalo Pizza! It is truly the best.

How do you typically end your day?

I typically end my day back in my dorm room chatting with my roommate, listening to music and heading to bed. I enjoy spending most of my spare time hanging out with my friends and watching the TV show The Middle.

How was the adjustment from high school life to college life? What helped this adjustment become easier?

The adjustment wasn’t too bad for me. I think the hardest part was probably figuring out how to manage my time since my day was no longer structured as it was in high school. Being a member of the cross country team definitely helped make the adjustment easier. It was really nice having a group of friends around before school even started!