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Request a Laptop

Laptop Sign-Out Rules

Rule #1: You may only sign-out and return a laptop when academic advisor is present. Academic Advisor MUST check equipment at time of sign-out and time of return!!!

You may sign out a laptop if:

     You are a member of a varsity athletic team at Siena.
     You have an away competition that you need a computer to complete academic schoolwork.
     You fill out all information on the sign-out sheet in the academic advisor's office (MAC 220).
     You return the laptop no more than 24 hours after you return to campus.
     Academic advisor is present at time of sign-out and time of return! Equipment must be checked!

**Since there are a limited number of laptops available, it is necessary that you return the computer immediately upon your return to campus.**

If you would like to request a laptop, please email the academic advisor.
Please include the date(s) you will need the laptop, including a sign-out date and the date of return.

**Please note that you still need to sign-out the computer in the academic advisor's office when she is present.**

Request a laptop now: gpicillo@siena.edu

Laptops can be picked up in MAC 220, after you sign-out the computer.