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Mission and Policies

The goal of Siena's intramural program is to offer meaningful recreation opportunities for the Siena community. The athletics department provides a dynamic and progressive environment in which members of the Siena community can take part in recreational competition. Intramural sports are open to full-time students, faculty, and staff and they provide great vehicle for participants to make friends and meet new people. The program continues to grow and is very popular among the student body. The sports offered include flag football, kickball, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, and softball.

Dates and deadlines for upcoming events are posted at the beginning of each semester. Team rosters and free agency forms can be filled out and submitted online.

All intramural sports take place on the Siena campus. The Marcelle Athletic Complex houses all of the indoor intramural events. All outdoor events are held outside behind the athletic facility on the turf field. All intramural events are free of cost to full-time students and staff.

The teams are split into divisions or leagues based on the level of play. Coed, men's, and women's leagues are set for most sports. NBA (more serious) and CBA (less serious) leagues are added for basketball. Each sport will generally consist of a regular season and playoffs. The number of games is dependent upon the number of participating teams and the length of the season. "Intramural Champion" t-shirts are awarded to league or division champions.

The friendly competition of Siena intramurals is a great way for students to actively get involved on campus. Many of the students who participate compete with the same team throughout their college career. There are participation opportunities for everyone from the beginner to the varsity-level athlete.


Pre-Season Duties:

  • Submit accurate team entry form with a team name before the given deadline.
  • You and/or another player on the team must attend the mandatory captains meeting for the activity that you are entered in. Failure to attend the meeting may result in the forfeiture of the season.
  • Read and understand the rules for the activity in which you will be participating.
  • Educate team on intramural rules, policies, and principles, as well as sport-specific rules.
  • Distribute the playing schedule to your teammates.

In-Season Duties:

  • Inform teammates of upcoming contests to ensure that enough participants will be present to participate in the activity as a team.
  • Schedules may change throughout the season, be sure to check your Siena e-mail for periodic updates.
  • Check the intramural bulletin board, located outside of the pool, and the website for updated standings.
  • Ensure that only eligible players participate in contests. Any ineligible players that participate in a contest will be an automatic forfeit for that team.
  • Make sure all participants bring their Siena College ID card. NO ID = NO PLAY.
  • Make sure that your team follows the dress code policy for your sport. That includes no jewelry and that proper attire/equipment is worn (Ex. no metal cleats on the turf field).
  • Ensure that your team follows the rules and regulations of that particular activity.
  • Exemplify exceptional sportsmanship at all times and encourage sportsmanship with your team and opponents.
  • Maintain a cooperative and helpful attitude with all officials and staff members.
  • Welcome free agents to your team and encourage their participation.
  • You are the leader of your team, lead by example!


Facility users should be aware that participation in intramural activities is strictly voluntary. Participation in intramural sports programs involves an inherent risk of physical injury. Siena College does not assume responsibility for personal injuries or property damage. Injuries and their corresponding costs are the responsibility of the participant. Participants are reminded that they are responsible for their own health, and should seek medical approval prior to engaging in any physical activities in the complex. It is highly recommended that participants have health insurance coverage.


Every team captain is responsible for ensuring that every member of their team is eligible to participate. Any full-time student currently enrolled at Siena College is eligible to participate in the intramural program. Current faculty and staff members are also eligible to participate.

  • Students that participate in intramural activities must have their Siena College I.D. with them before the game. NO I.D. = NO PLAY.
  • Every participant must have a signed liability waiver on file with Siena College. Participating without a proper waiver on file will result in the forfeiture of any game(s) played in by the participant. Effective fall 2010.
  • Individuals may only participate on ONE team per activity per division (one co-ed and one women's or one co-ed and one men's team).
  • A team may pick up additional players at any point during the regular season, as long as that player has not previously participated for another team in that activity. To add a player to your team, you must register that individual in advance of the game in which you intend for them to participate, and make sure that they sign a waiver before participating. To be eligible for the playoffs, a player is required to have played in a minimum of one of that team's regular season games. Players can be added here.
  • An intramural team is limited to two varsity players of that particular or related sport on the roster. (Example: Only two varsity baseball players may participate on a softball team).
  • A current varsity athlete may compete in an intramural activity only if he/she is given permission by his or her coach.
  • Any team that it found using an ineligible player will be assessed a forfeit loss for every contest in which the ineligible player participated.


Protests may only be submitted in the event that an opposing team used an ineligible player. Teams cannot protest an official's call, but may protest a rule interpretation. All protests must be submitted, via e-mail, to the intramural coordinator within 24 hours of the contest.


Any acts of physical abuse in a game are strictly prohibited. In the case of a physical altercation, all parties will be suspended for the remainder of the season and could face further sanctions.Striking or making violent physical contact with an official or an intramural staff member will carry a minimum of a one-year suspension from all intramural activities. Players who throughout their career at Siena College continuously demonstrate poor sportsmanship or a pattern of undesirable behavior may face more severe penalties. Players may be referred to Public Safety if they refuse to follow the direction of an official or site supervisor regarding their ejection or removal from the facility.

Alcohol Policy
To maintain a safe and healthy playing environment for everyone, consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or the use of tobacco products are strictly prohibited at any intramural activity. Any participant or spectator that is found or suspected of violating this policy will be asked to leave the playing area and will not be permitted to play. In addition, the behavior will be documented and the violating party will face disciplinary action from the intramural coordinator. Violations include:

  • Use of smokeless tobacco
  • Arriving at a contest intoxicated
  • Consuming alcohol during a contest

Dress Code
Officials and the site supervisor reserve the right to not permit a player to participate if he/she is considered to be wearing an item that in his/her judgment may be dangerous to themselves or other participants.

Athletic Attire: Proper athletic attire must be worn at all times during the intramural activity. Proper attire includes upper and lower body clothing, along with footwear. Athletic footwear must be worn at all times (no bare feet). Improper footwear includes, but is not limited to, metal cleats, boots, dress shoes, and any open toed shoes.

Jewelry: Officials may ask participants to remove jewelry if it is deemed dangerous to the player or his/her opponents.

Schedule Information
Schedules will be e-mailed to each captain after the captains' meeting. Once the schedule is posted, there will not be any changes made unless there are extreme circumstances, or the captains of all four teams involved in the switch consent to a switch, and the intramural coordinator is notified in advance. Any scheduling changes will be communicated to team captains via email. Captains are responsible to communicate any schedule changes to the rest of their team. Failing to show up for a contest, without notifying the intramural coordinator at least 24 hours in advance, will result in a forfeit for that contest.