Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

SAAC Purpose

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) gives student athletes an opportunity to generate a voice within Siena Athletics, to discuss issues relating to the wellbeing of student athletes, and to solicit student athlete responses to proposed legislation.

SAAC promotes unity between the Athletics department and student athletes, and among athletics at Siena College.

Meet Siena's SAAC

2017-18 SAAC Roster

The Responsibilities of SAAC Representatives:

  • Promote a positive student athlete image
  • Generate a student athlete voice from within the Athletic Department
  • Actively participate in SAAC meetings
  • Report information from SAAC meetings to teammates
  • Generate ideas to enhance the overall student athlete experience
  • Advocate from teammates at SAAC Meetings

Meeting Minutes

Read the minutes from 2017-18 SAAC meetings by CLICKING HERE


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SAAC Committees

Operations Committee
Mentoring Committee
Communications Committee
Service Committee
Events Committee

Student Athlete Mentors (SAM)

SAM Purpose

The Student Athlete Mentors (SAM) serve as a peer to peer resource to student athletes prevent substance abuse, help with the transition to college athletics, and provide leadership to all student athletes.

Meet Siena's SAM

2017-18 SAM Roster

Meeting Minutes

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The Responsibilities of SAM:

  • Act as a resource to peers
  • Be knowledgeable about campus and community resources
  • Coordinate team and department wide programming
  • Support and uphold the College and Athletics Department values