The Siena College Strength and Conditioning department is committed to the pursuit of excellence for our student athletes. Our scientifically based programs are designed to physically prepare athletes for competition at the Division I level. Teaching safety, efficiency, and intensity, the program is designed to allow athletes to push themselves to the limit, testing their physical capacity, and mental resolve to be a MAAC champion. The means to this end are encompassed through strength training sessions, in addition to work on flexibility, speed and agility, plyometrics, and sport-specific conditioning. While the program does produce athletes who are bigger, stronger, and faster, the number one priority is to train athletes in all of the aforementioned areas of strength and conditioning, so that they are less likely to become injured during competition.

At Siena, athletes are taught to train movements not body parts, this system not only utilizes ground based multi-joint exercises but also individual joint work to increase mobility and range of motion. The entire strength training workouts last between forty-five minutes to an hour while training anywhere from 2-4 times per week. Strength and Conditioning Coach Ian Farrell is always on hand to supervise team lifts, making sure that the athletes lift with correct form and intensity.

In the world of collegiate athletics, Championships are earned, and every student athlete will be provided with the opportunity to enhance their sports performance through proven strength and conditioning methods until they have fulfilled their athletic potential.

Within the "New Home for Siena Athletics", Phase IC was completed and a new student athlete strength and conditioning suite was constructed on the south side of the MAC. The expanded 2,700 square foot student athlete weight room opened in September 2017 and features free weights and platforms as well as an artificial turf area for agility training.

"Champions are made when no one's looking"

Strength and Conditioning Coach Ian Farrell
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or Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Brian Seniw
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