NCAA Compliance

Siena College is committed to operating an athletic program that is in full compliance with the NCAA rules and regulations governing a Division I member. The department operates within all the standards of its athletic conference as well. The intention is to establish a system of checks and balances that assists the department and the College in exercising institutional control over its athletic programs. Efforts are directed toward following the spirit of NCAA rules and a commitment to them, not simply just "being in compliance."

For questions regarding NCAA rules, please contact our Compliance Office staff:

Lori Anctil
Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance
(518) 783-2532

Melissa Peach
Compliance Coordinator
(518) 782-6965

Twitter Handle: @SienaCompliance

Prospective Student Athletes

  • Siena College Admissions
  • 2015-16 Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete 

  • 2015-16 NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure (Road Map To Initial Eligibility) 

  • NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference GuideGet Acrobat Reader

  • Siena PSA GuideGet Acrobat Reader

  • 2016 New Division I Academic RequirementsGet Acrobat Reader

  • NCAA 2.3 or Take a KneeGet Acrobat Reader

  • 2015-16 Two-Year Transfer GuideGet Acrobat Reader

  • 2015-16 Four-Year Transfer GuideGet Acrobat Reader

  • 2015-16 Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility Get Acrobat Reader

  • NCAA Eligibility Center Get Acrobat Reader
  • NCAA Eligibility Center Contact Information Get Acrobat Reader

  • NCAA Eligibility Center Registration Checklist Get Acrobat Reader

  • NCAA Amateurism Get Acrobat Reader

  • How To Request Final Amateurism Certification (Video)
  • Athletic Financial Aid Get Acrobat Reader

  • Frequently Asked Questions for the International College-Bound Student Athlete Get Acrobat Reader

  • 2015-16 Guide for High School Counselors Get Acrobat Reader

    Current Student-Athletes

  • 2015-16 Student Athlete Handbook

  • ARMS Account Log-In

  • NCAA Progress Toward Degree Requirements

  • 2015-16 Summary of NCAA Regulations - Division I Get Acrobat Reader

  • NCAA Rules for Student Athlete Participation Get Acrobat Reader

  • Employment Guidelines 

  • Summer Workout Rules Get Acrobat Reader

  • Countable Athletically Related Activities Get Acrobat Reader

  • Guide for Nonqualifiers Get Acrobat Reader

    Representatives of Athletic Interests

  • Dos and Don'ts for Fans/Boosters Get Acrobat Reader

  • QABoosters Get Acrobat Reader

  • Social Media Rules for Fans/BoostersGet Acrobat Reader

    General Information

  • 2015-16 NCAA Division I Manual Get Acrobat Reader

  • NLI Guidelines

  • 2015-16 Banned Drugs and Substances List Get Acrobat Reader

  • Prohibition Against Sports Wagering Get Acrobat Reader

  • Amateurism 

  • FAQ Amateurism + Tryouts 

  • Guide for Non-Coaching Staff Members 

  • Guide for Student Managers 

  • Guide to Periscope 

  • NCAA - Don't Bet On It

  • Compliance Corner Newsletters

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