Athletics News

NCAA Gender, Equity and Welfare Sub-committee

3:30 pm
Present: Nate Maloney, John D'Argenio, Colleen Price, PJ Brun, and Ned Jones, Donna McIntosh

Donna McIntosh and Colleen Price walked sub-committee members through the welfare report for the self-study. The team noted that they would compile a list of documents or evidence that will be/have been gathered to support the statements made in 4.3.

The team is still seeking specific individuals to interview, a few department agendas and job descriptions that address outstanding issues in the equity report.

Questions about welfare were raised regarding how well we seek input from student-athletes who have exhausted eligibility or who are about to graduate during the exit interview process. John D'Argenio noted that Athletic Department Administrators that do not have conflict of interest with the student-athlete conduct the interviews and the student-athlete can request to complete his/her exit interview with a different athletic administrator than the administrator assigned.

Donna asked about the interview form. Colleen Price will get a copy of the form to Donna. The form is currently being updated based on past experiences and additional information that we want to learn about the student-athlete's experience. John noted the data gathered is reviewed carefully each year for the purpose of strengthening the quality of student-athletes experience and for the purpose of doing a better job of gathering information regarding the experience.

Donna indicated that she needed to gather further information on who does the data analysis and to get a better feel on how the data is used.

Item number 6 in student welfare deals with the educational enhancements programs. The team identified regular program activities designed to enhance and strengthen the programs offered by the college. The team also noted the rebirth of the SAINTS cup program (the program fosters participation in educational programs offered by the Department.)

Item number 8 in student welfare addresses the Appeals and Grievance process the team did not feel they had enough information on the process or how the chain of command works. John directed the group to Joyce Eggleston for non-financial aid matters and Mary Lawyer for financial aid matters.

Item number 9 in student welfare address sexual orientation. The team noted that no programming or activities were identified that addressed this issue. They indicated that this might be an item for the plan for improvement. While the mission statement supports its importance, specific action items with in the athletic department do not seem to address the topic. The group sees this as an issue dealing with how do we serve and help student dealing with sexual orientation issues.

Item number 12 in student welfare addresses off-season workouts. The team felt that they needed to look at the department policy manual and emergency plan. Also more interviews with the coaching staff needed to be completed in order to have the best handle on this topic.

Item number 13 in student welfare is a broad based review. Donna and Colleen feel that if they do a good job addressing the first 12 questions, number 13 will fall into place. They indicated that gathering the items for number 13 is easily done...most is currently available or found on the web.

Colleen and Donna raised issues regarding counseling services for student-athletes. How do we know that options are available to students to seek counseling on-campus or off-campus? John indicated that Greg Dashnaw and Jeanne Obermayer should be interviewed to see how the process works.

Colleen indicated that her understanding, as a student-athlete, was that you must see the counseling center and only they can refer you off-campus. Donna raised issue with that. She stressed that notion is not true.

We agreed to the next meeting date and adjourned the meeting at 4:40 pm.