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Siena Participates in Saints Leadership Academy

Coaches Taking Part in the Saints Leadership Academy
Oct. 18, 2016

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. - Siena Athletics launched its inaugural Leadership Academy for student athletes and coaches this month. Julie Ammary, Janssen Sports Leadership Center, facilitated the initial sessions. The intensive two-hour workshop for each track is designed to jumpstart leadership development. Beginning with inspiring examples, Julie led the groups through some introspection and then guided open discussions of the make-up of effective leadership.

The Janssen Sports Leadership Center has worked with top-flight college and high school programs to develop world class leaders committed to a lifetime of service, success, and significance. The Saints Leadership Academy offers the exciting opportunity to encourage student athletes to find and hone their voices as leaders.

"Leadership training will arm our student athletes with insights and strategies that could have an immediate impact on their playing season," said Director of Student Athlete Engagement Lori Jancik. "More importantly, perhaps, how they grow as thoughtful leaders will pay dividends throughout their career and lives."

The initial sessions serve as a starting point for the two student athlete tracks. All participants received a copy of "The Team Captain's Leadership Manual." Moving forward, they'll join monthly one-hour workshops and hear from leaders as they continue the journey to becoming leaders respected by coaches and trusted by teammates.

Coaches and department administrators identified candidates, and students were permitted to self-select, too. All were required to apply to avow their commitment. The Veteran Leaders group, chosen from captains and upperclassmen, include Phil Madonna, Milorad Sobot, Sydney Sericolo, Kristen Bromley, Cara McQuillan, Briana Sirianni, Madison Vasquez, Paige Hess, Maggie Fletcher, Colleen McDonough, Clare Bryar, Meghan Donohue, Denisha Petty-Evans, and Peter Galante. The Emerging Leaders group comprises 23: Ryan Bellomo, Mike Vitale, Jake Shapiro, Joe Arcarese, Kollyns Scarbrough, Margot Hetzke, Jaycie St. John, Sara Riso, Ashley Nguyen, Lynnzee Miller, Samantha Horton, Kiera Young, Annie Fiorillo, Emily Santos, Sinead Guy, Fiona Dretzka, Francesca Tinucci, Erica Askew, Natalie Weaver, Anessa Leyva, Fariyah Omarshah, Julia Burzynski, and Marco Kloster.

"This was a great opportunity to take time out of our busy days to talk about leadership," said women's lacrosse head coach Bryana Borrelli. "Leadership is a huge cornerstone for any successful program or business and shouldn't be overlooked. It was a great opportunity to learn how we can incorporate various principles in our culture, as well as how to introduce various things to our programs to foster great leaders."