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Whether you are an alumnus, parent or guardian of a current student-athlete or a supporter or friend of the College, you have an interest in fostering the quality of our athletic program.

The NCAA has explicit guidelines for what "representatives of athletics interests," traditionally known as boosters, can and cannot do. Rules differ dependent upon whether the student-athlete is considered a prospect (anyone who has started classes for the 9th grade) or a currently enrolled student-athlete. A brief synopsis of permissible and impermissible activities follows.

AS A GENERAL RULE... representatives of athletics interests may not be involved in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

  • Do not provide anything to or for a prospect, relative or friends or an enrolled student-athlete.

    DO check first with the athletic department compliance office to determine if your intentions are permissible.

  • Do not attempt to recruit prospective student-athletes for the college.

    DO inform coaches of outstanding prospective student-athletes.
    DO feel free to attend high school and 2-year college events.
    DO send newspaper clippings or other information about talented prospective student-athletes to coaches.

  • Do not make contact with a prospect or the prospect's family on or off campus.

    DO inform the prospect or the prospect's family that NCAA rules prohibit you from discussing the college's program with them.
    DO suggest that the prospect contact the head coach.
    DO continue established family relationships with friends and neighbors.

  • Do not entertain or provide free tickets or tickets at a reduced cost to any Siena home game or away game to prospects or their families or friends.

    REMEMBER only the athletic department may provide complimentary admissions and only to home contests.

  • Do not pay or offer to pay registration fees for sports camps for prospects.

AS A GENERAL RULE... an enrolled student-athlete may not be provided with any extra benefits or services not generally provided to the student body.

  • Do not provide a student-athlete or friend with any benefit or special arrangement.

    DO feel free to invite a student-athlete to your home for a home-cooked meal, but only for a special occasion (e.g., Thanksgiving, birthday).
    REMEMBER that the student-athlete must provide his/her own transportation.

  • Do not provide room, board or transportation costs during the summer for a student-athlete who has eligibility remaining.

  • Do not provide room, board or transportation costs incurred by friends or family of an enrolled student-athlete to visit campus or attend an away contest.

  • Do not expend funds to entertain student-athletes, their friends or family.

    DO feel free to invite a TEAM for dinner or to meet with a group of alumni in a city where they are competing. The NCAA permits student-athletes to receive special benefits as a team, which would not be permitted as individuals.

  • Do not allow student-athletes, their friends or family to use your car, phone (long distance), or other services for free or at a reduced rate.

  • Do not use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to directly recommend, advertise or promote a product or service of any kind.

  • Do not employ or arrange for employment of an enrolled student-athlete without first checking with the athletic department compliance office.

    DO notify the athletic department or head coach of job possibilities for student-athletes.
    DO pay student-athletes for actual work performed at the going rate for such employment.

Siena College is dedicated toward maintaining high standards in the operation of its athletic program. Assuring compliance with NCAA and conference regulations is an institutional responsibility, which involves a cooperative effort. By assisting the College in our compliance efforts, you are not only fostering the quality that we expect in our programs, but are ensuring the continued eligibility of our student-athletes.

All questions regarding NCAA rules should be addressed to:

Jason Greco
Compliance Coordinator
(518) 782-6965