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Nick and Lindsey

Feb. 6, 2012

I love my girlfriend (Lindsey) more than I ever imagined I could love someone. When I met her, I was at the darkest point in my life. But the moment that I saw her walk in the door, my whole world lit up again. nick and lindsey

By giving me a chance she became my reason to get up in the morning and my inspiration to make every day the best it can be. After nine years together, I still cherish every moment I'm with her, and miss her every moment we are apart.

I've known I wanted to marry her since the first year we were together, but financial burdens have made it difficult to make it happen...and she deserves the best of everything. With this opportunity, it will finally give me the chance to show and tell her that I want her by my side forever.

Our love will never fade, regardless of this outcome, but she deserves a beautiful symbol of it on her finger. Plus, maybe she'll stop giving me that funny look every time that Beyonce song comes on! Thank you for your time and consideration.