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Student Athlete Engagement

At Siena College, our athletes are students first. It's imperative that athletic success build upon the achievements of our academic programs and contribute to broadening our regional and national reputation as a college that promotes student engagement. Siena College is one of the few Division I schools to offer its student athletes a full-time Director of Student Athlete Engagement. The Director works with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff within Athletics that advocates and encourages hard work, integrity, personal accountability and life-long learning. Siena does not simply rest on its tremendous Graduation Success Rate. It strives to ensure that its student athletes make the most of the rich academic environment present at the School by making sure they connect with all available resources and facilities. Beyond simply doing well and obtaining a degree, engagement may entail a professional internship, a fulfilling research experience, a meaningful travel/study opportunity, or significant service to the community and beyond.

Meet Director of Student Athlete Engagement Lori Jancik

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